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The issue

As you may be aware, The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is planning to build a new Civic Hospital Campus in the Central Experimental Farm. This is in spite of the fact that this will destroy large swaths of greenspace in the heart of the Farm, and have a negative impact on Dow’s Lake and the surrounding area.

The Central Experimental Farm is a designated National Historic Site, and both a local and Canadian treasure. Located near Dow's Lake, it serves as a key part of a major time-honoured tourism, and recreational corridor for the National Capital Region. The new hospital campus should not be located in it.

About us

ReVisit The Farm was started by a group of concerned individuals when they realized the magnitude of the damage that the proposed campus of the new Civic Hospital would have on the Central Experimental Farm, and by extension, the City of Ottawa and Canada as a whole.

Our proposal

While we support the construction of the new hospital in Ottawa, we urge the authorities to reconsider the design to site the hospital campus in the Farm.

Failing that, we call on them to implement changes to the proposed plan which will reduce the footprint of the hospital campus, improve access, reduce parking needs, save the experimental hedges located near the tennis courts, and prevent a significant loss of greenspace in the City of Ottawa.

These changes are as follows:

  1. Move the main hospital building to a high-rise building near the intersection of Carling Avenue and Preston Street;
  2. Move the proposed power plant to the existing parking lot east of the Dominion Observatory; and
  3. Move the research and administrative buildings to another location.

The Brief is a detailed, illustrated rationale for the changes we are proposing.


Aerial Photo Of Farm After Hospital Construction

Experimental Farm

Farm with a Hospital


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Some Seasonal Highlights

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